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This is the Rart Home page, enjoy the exploration!

Rart is a new art form. It uses Java for platform independence and uses the Internet for demonstration and distribution. We call a work of Rart a Rart universe. An Observer of Rart uses a computer screen as a window onto the ever-changing, never-repeating Rart universe. The creator of a Rart universe we call a Rartist.

Rart Gallery - Rart universes, viewable in most browsers.

Principles of Rart - For the interested browser and potential Rartists. 

Java and Rart - An introductory tutorial

The Rart Software Structure - For persons interested in the Java implementation of Rart

Various Rart related documents - Under revision January 2014

Java is a trademark of Oracle

The concept of Rart® was developed and trademarked by Jan Aminoff reachable through

jan AT rart.com

Askim, Sweden

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